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Snapchat details editable messages, emoji reactions and some AI features to the platform

Snapchat recently announced a bunch of new features that it has added to the platform. Most features, such as editable messages and emoji reactions, are centered on making the messaging experience better. The company has since released more details about the new features..

Editable Message

Snapchat editable messages

Editable message is a nifty feature that lets you edit the message even after you have sent it to the recipient. Sending a wrong message can quickly fuel frustration, as Snapchat doesn't offer an option to go back and edit it. Soon, Snapchat users will be able to edit the messages for up to 5 minutes after they are sent.

The editable messages feature will roll out for Snapchat+ users first, but it is expected to be made available to all users in the future.

Emoji Reactions

Snapchat Emoji reactions

Emoji reactions also expand the way you can react to a message, since until now, Snapchat only offered the option to react with a Bitmoji. Reacting to messages using standard emojis has been available on all other platforms, and finally, Snapchat has filled the gap.

AI reminders

Snapchat AI reminder

AI magic has also landed on Snapchat, with some of Snap's AI efforts coming to the platform. With new features such as AI reminders, you can ask My AI for a reminder in direct chats or a conversation, and the AI will set up an in-app countdown so that you never miss your meetings.

Map reactions

Snapchat Map reactions

Snapchat has also added a new and unique way to interact with your friends who have passed by you during your commute. With the person you have opted to share your location with, using Snap Map, you can wave hello or acknowledge each other when they pass each other.

Create custom Bitmoji

Create custom Bitmoji Snapchat

With a little help from AI, Snapchat users can customize their Bitmoji. You can now design your clothes, generate unique patterns such as "'vibrant graffiti' or 'skull flower', and tap on your favorite to edit and see your clothes transform."

Besides, Snapchat is also bringing a 90s AI lens feature that will take you back in time and show you how you'd look like in the 90's by placing your snap in a simulated scene from back in the day.

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