PlayStation 3D TV coming to UK and Europe this autumn

Sony raised quite a few eyebrows back at E3 in June, when it unveiled its new PlayStation-branded 3D display. With the cost of 3D TVs remaining prohibitively high for many consumers, Sony is hoping that by introducing a smaller, lower-priced 3D display, it can seduce a broader range of potential buyers who are considering dipping their toes into the waters of 3D gaming.

Sony confirmed at E3 that the 24-inch display would be sold in the US for $499, which includes a single pair of wireless 3D glasses and HDMI cable in addition to the display itself. Speaking at Gamescom this week, Sony executive Jim Ryan has now confirmed that the company will also be bringing the 3D display to the United Kingdom and Europe this autumn. Across continental Europe, it will be priced at €499 ($715); Sony confirmed to that in the UK, it will be sold for £499 ($820).

The display has a Full HD (1080p) resolution and is LED-backlit, and can additionally be used as a conventional 2D TV or computer display, via its two HDMI inputs. It also includes Sony’s proprietary SimulView technology, which enables two gamers to see different full-screen images at the same time. This obviates the need for split-screen gaming, and allows for a more enjoyable gaming experience, but both players need to be wearing 3D glasses in order for this feature to work; Sony announced that a second pair of 3D glasses would cost $70 in the US.

However, along with confirmation of the forthcoming European launch also comes the news that Sony will include two pairs of 3D glasses for these buyers, bringing a welcome extra dose of value to the package, considering the much higher prices that Europeans will pay for the display compared with American buyers. US buyers will get a free 3D game as part of their deal though; it's not yet known if the same offer will apply in Europe.

No firm date has yet been given for launch of the new display on either side of the Atlantic, other than the frustratingly vague "autumn"/"fall".

Neowin's very own John Callaham went eyes-on with the PlayStation 3D monitor at E3 - check out his first impressions of what the display has to offer.

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