Poll: Should Microsoft release Windows 10 Technical Preview builds more regularly?

It's been almost seven weeks since Microsoft released the latest build of its Windows 10 Technical Preview for PCs. More recently, it launched the first preview of the OS for phones - albeit only on a handful of low- and mid-range handsets - but build 9926, released on January 23, remains the newest version available to users of other devices, such as desktops, notebooks and large tablets.

Considering the fact that - just two days after 9926 was made available - Microsoft promised that new builds would be released more quickly (including the claim that another new build would be coming 'soon-ish'), it's not at all surprising that so many Windows Insiders have been frustrated by the continued lack of a newer version. Various patches and hotfixes have been released in the weeks since then, but that's not quite the same.

This week, Microsoft's Gabe Aul updated Insiders on the process of compiling new builds, along with some insights into why it's taking so long to release the next one. And separately, it emerged that new builds are being distributed internally at MS every single day. Unfortunately, as we revealed today, those daily builds won't be made available to those of us outside of the company.

Many users are hoping that there is a happy medium to be found somewhere between getting a new version of Windows 10 every day, and waiting for weeks at a time for the next one to arrive.

Microsoft has said that it plans to make improvements to its delivery schedule of new builds, based on the feedback it has received so far, although it has said that 'specific decisions [are] being decided upon', but have not yet been finalized.

We'd like to know what you think about all this. Should Microsoft be pushing harder to roll out builds more regularly, especially to those willing and capable enough to deal with the headaches of less stable software? Or is the company taking the right approach, developing at the most sustainable pace and ensuring that its new builds are relatively stable and feature-complete with each iteration?

Whichever side of the debate you're on, it's certainly a bigger discussion than just ticking a box can satisfy, so once you've voted, please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below too!


Should Microsoft release Windows 10 Technical Preview builds more regularly?

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