PowerUser.TV: Episode 23

Neowin's official podcast, PowerUser.TV has a new episode and it's a big one!


This week Brad and Kristin travel to Las Vegas for the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. We recorded at the Microsoft booth and got to interview Jenny Lam and Chuck Cummins about what's new with the User Interface in Vista. If you are into customizing your computer, you can't miss this!


Plus we talk with Marcel (Redmak) Klum and Steve (Neobond) Parker of Neowin.net and find out what they saw at the show and what's new for Neowin this year.


Finally we talk with Jed Rose of Microsoft about the Windows communities and how Microsoft is trying to incorporate their feedback into their products. In all, a VERY interesting show.


Of course, recording on the floor of CES means a LOT of background noise. I asked all 180,000 people to please be quiet but I guess majority rules, eh?


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