Tails 5.12, a privacy-oriented operating system, comes with improved persistent storage

Privacy-focused internet users can now install Tails 5.12 on their USB sticks. The new update focuses on improvements to the persistent storage feature. Now, if you ever decide to disable persistent storage, you’ll see a delete data button to claim more space on your USB. If you are creating a new persistent storage, a random six-word passphrase will be suggested.

A Tails screenshot

The six-word passphrase that’s now generated for persistent storage is great because it’s quite easy for a human to remember. This means you’re not likely to lose access to your data. For hackers that try to brute force access, it would take 3,505 years to gain access if you performed one trillion guesses per second. This type of passphrase is generated with something called the diceware method.

A Tails screenshot

If you decide you don’t want to keep documents and folders stored on your Tails USB stick, you can switch off persistent storage and easily delete the data with the new delete data button that appears when you switch off the feature. The developers have also improved an error message when persistent storage fails to activate so that it’s a bit more helpful.

Other notable mentions in this update are the inclusion of the latest Tor Browser release, version 12.0.5, and the inclusion of Linux 6.1.20. The updated kernel brings support for more graphics cards, Wi-Fi cards, and more.

If you already have Tails 5.0+ on a USB, you will be offered the upgrade when you connect to the internet. You can also head to the Tails website and follow the instructions to do a clean install.

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