The web may be free, but we all know that to safely bank online, buy music, software, or books, or even simply surf the web, there is a price to pay. To combat online threats, firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software have become essential investments for any home or business computer. These programs monitor and control system access and scan and remove your system of malicious or spying software.

But the range and sophistication of malicious software and hacking techniques is rapidly expanding and against which traditional software solutions do not provide a proactive defense. Now, Privacyware meets this need with Privatefirewall ― a proactive, multi-layered defense solution for Windows desktops and servers. What's more - Privatefirewall is absolutely FREE of charge.

Privatefirewall features signature-less, behavior-based anti-malware and desktop defense capabilities comprised of several distinct technology layers designed to block or mitigate the damage caused by intrusion, virus and other malware attacks. Beyond unparalleled personal firewall protection, Privatefirewall includes the following layers of proactive, behavior-based defense technology:

  • Application Monitor/Manager
  • Registry Monitor
  • Process Monitor/Manager
  • Email Anomaly Analyzer/Manager
  • System Anomaly Analyzer

Privatefirewall also detects malware and intrusions based on behaviors characteristic of unauthorized system use. Some of these include:

  • Attempts to access a protected registry area
  • Attempts to access a protected object
  • Attempts to Initiate a foreign process
  • Attempts to control Windows service
  • Attempts to create a DNS request
  • Attempts to initiate outgoing TCP traffic

Privatefirewall version release notes:

  • Updated drivers reviewed/signed by Microsoft Winqual.
  • Added ability to define fw rule order.
  • Addressed issue with avast.setup.
  • Added IP address based filtering capability.
  • Modified driver binding implementation to address possible related implications (i.e. lost Internet connection, system drag, etc.) of other driver conflicts/incompatibilities.
  • Resolved failed Kill3f and fileacc1 leak tests.
  • Modified logic for automated rule creation in relation to SPI (limits certain automatic rule creation to outbound only).
  • Added ability to permanently remove publishers from the TP list.
  • Added "Skip" button to Program Change alerts ("If this program changes frequently, select Skip to suppress further checks.").
  • Added Delete and Insert key handling to Applications, Process Monitor, Trusted/Blocked sites, Trusted Publishers, Detected Processes and Parents lists.
  • Added Next and Prev buttons to Applications.
  • Addressed several minor bugs/defects.

Download: Privatefirewall | 7.6 MB (Freeware)
Screenshots: >>Click Here<<
View: Privacyware Website

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