Real-time traffic re-routing added to Google Maps Navigation

Google has once again improved its free Google Maps Navigation application for Android device users. This update adds Real-Time traffic re-routing to the host of other free features the satellite navigation service provides.

According to the official Google blog, an update for Google Maps was released yesterday for Android users that added the traffic re-routing feature. So what does re-routing do? Simply put, it helps you avoid getting stuck in traffic on your journeys by adjusting your route on the fly.

Google has added new routing algorithms to the application that takes both current and historical traffic data into consideration. Not only that, but Google Maps Navigation also makes use of real-time traffic data if you live in North America or in areas of Europe where both Google Navigation and real-time information is available.

Previous versions of Google Maps Navigation would only take the fastest route into consideration rather than deciding if traffic jams or slow moving areas or road could be an issue on your trip. With over 35 million miles of driving being done by users of Google Maps Navigation each day, the traffic data from your device, such as speed and location, can be used to improve the company’s data.

Google Maps and Google Maps Navigation is a free application for download on Android based devices.

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