Registrations for Microsoft Flight Simulator Tech Alpha 2 are now open

Nearing the end of October, Microsoft updated the development roadmap for its upcoming Flight Simulator title, revealing a tentative timeline for the game's development in the next couple of months. Although it was indicated at the time that recruitment for the Tech Alpha 2 build would begin in late November, those plans seem to have changed; it has now been announced that registrations for the second Tech Alpha are open.

Microsoft has also unveiled the release dates for episodes three and four of its Feature Discovery Series. The series explores some of Microsoft Flight Simulator's components in greater depth. As far as the latest episodes are concerned, episode three - arriving on November 21 - goes over aerodynamics, while episode 4 - arriving on November 28 - discusses the planes' cockpits. Although the Redmond firm may have more planned for the future in regards to this series, as far as official details go, it looks to be wrapping up by the end of this month.

Those who are part of the ongoing Tech Alpha have also been reminded that all updates on that are being - and will continue to be - sent through email. The next email update should be arriving on November 11.

Microsoft has also indicated that some rather exciting news regarding the game will be revealed by the Flight Simulator team at the upcoming X019 event. For those unaware, it is being held from November 14 through 16, and you can learn more about it here. Presumably, the news will have to do specifically with the Xbox release for the title, though nothing can be said for sure at this point.

Just as a reminder, those who applied for the first phase have automatically been registered to the current one. Although there is not much of a timeline for Tech Alpha 2's progression as of now, Microsoft says that more information should be available in the next few weeks. Either way, before getting a chance to become a part of this phase, you are required to sign up for the Flight Simulator Insider Program. The linked registration page for Tech Alpha 2 should then become available to you.

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