Remember Y2K? Well, are you prepared for the DST bug?

A few years ago people were purchasing generators, stocking up on food and preparing for the worst. When it was said and done, Y2K came and went with relatively little fuss considering the attention it was given.

Now we here at Neowin are not saying that you need to get your generator out of storage but the DST date change does present a somewhat similar situation. Those that work in the IT departments of mission critical real-time databases may want to make sure they are prepared. The Information Technology Association of America cautioned this week that "Organizations could face significant losses if they are not prepared."

For everyone else, it is just an excuse to show up late for work. If you do have a lunch date with that blonde from Marketing, make sure you synchronize watches at some point during the morning.

It is possible that all of your lunch dates (or any other appointments for that matter) between March 11th and April 1st could be suspect since the DST change may affect users of calendar software. Microsoft Outlook calendar addicts should consider downloading Microsoft's "tzmove" utility to address time zone changes.

Just don't say that Neowin didn't warn you.

Download: tzmove time zone utility
News source: The Globe and Mail

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