Review: Logitech K750 solar powered keyboard

logitech k750

Manufacturers in the technology industry have been working hard to create products that are better for the environment in an effort to go green. Logitech has given us a chance to play with their latest entry in the green space, the K750, a wireless solar powered keyboard. The keyboard works just like one of those solar powered calculators that have been around forever. 

The specs:
The K750 charges itself whenever there is adequate light around, an app is included to show the level of solar power available and the amount of charge left. Once fully charged, Logitech says that the keyboard could maintain its charge in total darkness for up to 3 months. The keyboard operations on a 2.4GHz frequency to allow for a good operating distance, this is especially good for a home theater PC. The keyboard includes a universal usb adapter, Logitech calls it Unifying Technology, which allows you to pair your wireless mouse using the same adapter to help free up USB ports. One feature that stood out other than the fact that it is solar powered is how thin the keyboard is, it sits just 1/3 of an inch high; I set my iPod Touch next to the keyboard to show just how thin it is. 

ipod touch and k750

The conclusion:
The keyboard feels a lot like a laptop keyboard which is something that turned me off a bit. I prefer to type on a full desktop keyboard as I can type a lot faster and with fewer errors. I love that the keyboard is solar powered though because I hate changing batteries in my keyboard. Even if the batteries last for several months, it is still annoying when it does come time to change them as I have to stop what I am doing to change the batteries. 

If this keyboard had a touch pad to allow mouse control, it would be a great addition to a home theater PC in the living room or home theater room. Its slim, sleek design, gives it a nice look that allows it to hide away easily or even be left out without taking away from the room decor. In the end it's just a keyboard, the solar power is the only thing that sets it apart. The keyboard is currently only available for pre-order and will cost you $79.99. 

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