Roll Up Roll Up! Get Ya Hard Drives Right Here!

Another classic case of a big oops for an e-tailer today. listed several Western Digital hard drives incorrectly causing a mass amount of orders and angry and puzzled consumers. At one point a 160GB Western Digital ATA hard drive was going for a mere $23.99, bargain! Ubid were also a little puzzled over the RRP on some of their other drives, $ 1,510.99 for a 40GB Western Digital, who are they trying to kid? Most of the listings have been changed back to their correct price but some are still unchanged.

As with many other internet muck ups, customers are very unlikely to get the hard drives at $23.99. With classic cases like Amazon and the iPaq and Fujitsu's big camera discount, customers had no leg to stand on. The same applies here. A few Neowin members are reporting that their accounts look as if they're being charged so it'll be interesting to see how that developes for ubid. Lets hope they don't go changing anymore prices soon ;) Check out our thread in the forums for ongoing discussion (link below).

View: Neowin's thread : Steal on hard drives

View: SATA 160 GB Western Digital for $26.99

View: $ 1,510.99 for a 40gig HD, no thanks

Screenshot: Seagate Barracuda 160gig, $3,166.99 - yikes

News source: Neowin's thread : Steal on hard drives

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