Rumor: Google+ to launch social game support

The rapidly growing user base for the new Google+ social networking service is a prime target for some kind of social or casual based gaming service. It looks like Google will be launching games for Google+ in the near future, according to an article in The story cites unnamed sources as saying that not only will there be games to play on Google+ but that Google plans to offer better financial terms for game developers.

The story states, "According to multiple sources, Google will take less than a 30 percent cut of the revenues, which will break the industry standard created over the past few years by both Facebook and Apple." In addition to the better publishing terms, the story adds that games on Google+ will run on Google's own servers. Facebook games typically run on the game developer's servers. The story said that the Google+ game launch could happen as soon as this month, although, one unnamed source said it could take a bit longer.

In related news, Google has made its first acquisition in relation to its efforts to improve Google+. ZDNet reports that Google has acquired a company called Fridge which created technology "that allowed users to organize their friends into groups, share photos, and plan events." Not surprisingly, it looks like Fridge's team will be working to improve Google+'s Circles feature. If you are one of the 40,000 users of Fridge, you now have until August 20th to get your data extracted before Fridge deletes it.

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