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Anonymous claims it has breached NATO servers

The well known hacker group Anonymous is still attacking servers around the world, including apparently military organizations. CNet's News.com reports that one of the group's members, known only as "Commander X", claims that Anonymous has access to servers owned and operated by NATO. The hacker also claims that Anonymous has been "downloading databases" from those servers and eventually plans to release the info from the databases to the public. However "Commander X" added, "but with these big classified dumps we like to take our time analyzing exactly what it is we have. That way we can do the disclosures in such a way as to maximize the political impact of the release."

In fact, Anonymous has already released two NATO files that have been classified as "restricted", which is the lowest level of security for NATO files. "Commander X" claims that it is working all the time to continue to access NATO servers, saying, "If the Op is active, it never ceases because there is always someone in the world awake and at least monitoring the chan and news feeds. All the media and the world see is when we release something, but the effort to do these Ops is relentless and continuous." So far NATO has yet to comment.

Earlier this week it was reported that the FBI had staged raids all over the US and also arrested 16 people who allegedly are linked to the Anonymous group. In addition, the group's newly launched social networking web site, Anonplus.com, got hacked and defaced by a rival hacker group.

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