Rumor: LG to make Mozilla-based smartphone

Mozilla has been making lots of hints about its future plans for a mobile operating system, which is named Boot2Gecko. Earlier this month the company confirmed it would be making some announcements next week at the Mobile World Congress event "with partners". This week, Mozilla confirmed it would start accepting apps from developers who want to sell their apps on the upcoming Mozilla Marketplace download store.

Now ExtremeTech is reporting via unnamed sources that LG will announce next week it will create a developer oriented mobile device that will run on Boot2Gecko. The story emphasizes this will be a developer-based device so don't expect it to be released to the general public. The story did not have any information about the hardware inside the device.

If true, this device would be sold specifically to app developers so they can better create mobile phone programs that will run on Boot2Gecko. The final version of the mobile OS should be ready by the second half of 2012.

The big advantage of Boot2Gecko over other mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone, is that Boot2Gecko will be truly an open environment. That means, in theory, app developers will have more freedom to create programs. It also gives more freedom for hardware makers and wireless providers to make devices and interfaces to their liking.

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