Rumored iPhone5 prototype has metal back and larger screen

Gathering intel on upcoming products is becoming a game of cat and mouse for companies and the media. Now that the iPad 2 has been released, the rumor mill is going full-tilt about Apple’s next device, the iPhone 5. An insider at Foxconn has shared information with 9to5Mac indicating that prototypes of the new mobile device have been seen around the company and that mass production of the phone will be starting in the near future.

There are only two notable differences rumored about the iPhone 5. The first is that the back of the phone will no longer be made of glass but will instead be an unidentified type of metal and will be flat instead of curved. Some people are wondering if the backing will be made of Apple’s recently acquired LiquidMetal, but it’s probably safer to assume it be plain old aluminum. The second difference between the current-gen and next-gen iPhone is that the screen is expected to be slightly larger, moving from 3.5 inches to four inches. It is unknown whether the increase in size will result in an increased resolution.

Although the new rumors don’t point to a drastic change in the iPhone line, the old adage of, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” will also come into play. Apple has a very popular product on its hands and a few tweaks will only help to make it better.

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