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New site publishes 'anonymous comments about every Facebook user'

Anonymity on the Internet has been the topic of great debates since its inception, but more so in recent years. Just last week, Neowin reported that 4chan founder, Chris Poole, said that Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg were "totally wrong" about anonymity. Zuckerberg has long been a supporter to putting name to content. And just over a year ago, Formspring, a website that allowed you to register and have people ask you questions anonymously, became infamous practically overnight.

But a new website is set on getting straight to content without any obstacles in its way — take registration for example. AboutEveryone.com, still in beta, allows anyone to put in any Facebook user's profile URL and comment about them anonymously. There are no extra steps.

Already, the site has spawned comments that range from insults like: "She's a total b----! She runs around saying she's your friend, but then talks all kinds of s--- behind your back!" Some comments question or plead, "Why don't you stop lying too much to people?! ... You need to grow up and live to up to your mistakes." Others are thankfully a little kinder. Some users post about love lost and the rest are just complimentary; one person writes that a certain Facebook user "is beautiful" and another claims someone is the "most amazing kisser" offering to have his children.

The information does not alert the receiver of what you have said about them, or so it seems, and as of yet there are no other options to manage your comments. Though it does appear that AboutEveryone might be keeping some sort of tab on you as it knows which profiles you've visited and the site says it plans to support the removal of content in the future.

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