Sam & Max team forms new studio

Enthusiasts of the point-and-click adventure game, take heart: There's a new development studio pledging to resurrect the dying genre. Industry veterans Dan Connors, Kevin Bruner, and Troy Molander, along with other key members of the team that was developing Sam & Max: Freelance Police for LucasArts, have formed a new studio called Telltale Games. The San Rafael, California-based developer will concentrate on "reenergizing" the adventure game market.

Connors, Telltale's CEO, says that fan reaction to the cancellation of Sam & Max by LucasArts last year played a big part in helping the team to make the decision to start their own company. "When Sam & Max: Freelance Police was abruptly cancelled last March," Connors said, "we were moved by the ground swell of support from the fan community, including an online petition to continue the development of the game."

News source: GameSpot

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