SCO To Unix Developers: We Want You Back

The SCO Group Inc. is trying to become something other than the company that sued prominent users of Linux. "During the last 25 years, SCO has been committed to the Unix platform and continues to reaffirm its commitment," Darl McBride, SCO president, said in a teleconference Tuesday morning. So Unix developers should come back to SCO and use its EdgeBuilder mobile applications tool kit, he said.

McBride was at pains to say suing Linux users in no way should impact SCO's Unix business. But the lawsuits against Linux users tarnished the company's image within the tech industry, and developers may not be eager to work for the company. Linux is an open-source version of Unix designed for Intel chips. To draw Unix developers back into its embrace, SCO is offering cash incentives for developers to attend its upcoming user group conference in Las Vegas in August. Training in SCO's EdgeBuilder developer kit will be offered at the conference; attendees completing it will be given $1,000.

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