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SCO tries to reinvigorate product line

The company that has been known mainly in lawsuits now a day's has released some new UNIX products. SCO announced version 7.1.4 of UnixWare. Along with new versions for embedded devices and small businesses. SCO is hoping that these new releases will help to bring up its declining software sales as it continues with its lawsuits involving Linux.

The SCO Group unveiled a handful of new Unix products Tuesday, a day after warning that its declining software business could be hurt by its legal claims that Linux infringes on the company's intellectual property.

The company sells two versions of Unix--UnixWare and the lower-end OpenServer--but that business has been shrinking and has been overshadowed by SCO's ongoing legal battles with IBM and others. SCO claims, among other things, that it owns the Unix copyrights, that Linux infringes those copyrights, and that IBM violated its Unix contract with SCO by moving Unix technology to Linux.

Among the products SCO announced Tuesday were version 7.1.4 of its UnixWare software, accompanied by new editions for small businesses and for embedded devices such as slot machines; updates to calendar and e-mail server software; authentication software to ease login troubles in mixed Unix-Windows environments; and an OpenServer overhaul called Legend, based on the UnixWare kernel and due out in the first quarter of 2005.

News source: C|Net News.com

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