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Lasers turn beam on TV recycling

Recycling a TV or PC monitor has always been somewhat expensive. Mainly due to the long and tedious process involved (separation of recyclable goods). Now a laser technique that can separate materials in CRT and TV's has been developed. This laser also makes sure that no pollutants are mixed up with the recyclable elements. This is one really great invention that is sure to help with recycling.

A laser technique to separate materials in cathode ray tubes (CRT) from TV and PC monitors has been developed to help recycle the useful elements in them.

Tonnes of glass and other material is wasted in old TVs and PCs each year, but it has proved difficult to dissect elements cleanly to use in new tubes. The laser system, made in Finland, means no lead and pollutants are mixed up with useful recyclable elements. The European Union (EU) is to set targets to tackle electronic waste.

The directive on Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Weee) puts pressure on electronics manufacturers and importers to take greater responsibility for recycling materials when goods die. Finnish company Proventia Automation has developed the automated laser technique to extract reusable and waste material from CRTs, five to 10 times faster than conventional methods.

News source: BBC News

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