Sea of Thieves has fishing, story quests, Arena and more coming its way next month

It has been a long and update-filled year for Sea of Thieves, with Rare constantly adding new pieces of content and features every single month, from Megaladons and fearsome skeleton ships to an entirely new volcanic region.

However, the studio has been working quietly on something big for some time now, and today being the game's one year anniversary, Rare has finally taken the wrappings off this aptly named Anniversary Update. Catch its reveal below down below.

This is a collection of various features and content all rolled into one massive update that will be available to all players on Windows 10 and Xbox One on April 30. Some of these features were known beforehand, like the previously announced Arena mode, but others - like the new questing system - are completely out of the blue.

In addition to Megalodon hunting using harpoons, we can see pirates fishing and cooking, the main mast of a galleon falling down after a cannonball hit, and strangely enough, pirates opening a chest, something unheard of in the title.

Rare will be delivering "a collection of story-rich quests" named Tall Tales with the update as well, which will be playable by both crews and solo pirates, all taking place in the world of Sea of Thieves. Beyond that, The Hunter’s Call will be a brand new trading company joining the seas with the Anniversary Update, and while details are slim, its name suggests this is why pirates have suddenly taken to fishing and hunting the Megalodons.

Rare plans to host several preview livestreams next month that will cover each of the main components of the update. The Arena will be detailed on April 10, and The Hunter's Call company will take the spotlight on April 16, while the Tall Tales quests will be shown off on April 23. All of these livestreams will take place at 9am PT on the Sea of Thieves Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube channels.

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