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Sea of Thieves arrives on PS5 alongside Season 12, bringing new weapons, ziplines, more

Sea of Thieves Season 12

Microsoft's next first-party title to arrive on Sony platforms has officially landed, with Sea of Thieves now being available on PlayStation 5. The launch arrives alongside the hugely popular pirate adventure game's twelfth seasonal update, and it's filled with new content like weapons, tools, traversal abilities, and more. The game crossed 40 million total players mark just earlier this month.

PlayStation players joining in will require a Microsoft account to begin their adventures. As cross-progression is enabled across all platforms, any previous playtime on Xbox on PC will carry over when connecting that account. Cross-play is also enabled from the get-go, but this can be disabled in the options to limit players to only PS5 pirates, or even to only allowing controller users. Head here for more details on the PS5-specific features Sea of Thieves has shipped with.

Looking towards Season 12 content, Rare has brought new weapons for pirates to use for the first time since the game's launch in 2018. Throwing Knives are one of them, letting players chuck them at foes from afar, but a miss means the enemy might pick up and use them too. These knives also have a high-damage charge up attack perfect for sneaky strikes.

Next, the Double Barrel Pistol arrives as a shorter-range alternative to the regular Flintlock. This allows for two shots to be fired quickly before needing a reload, but it has a shorter range and a single bullet's damage is also lower compared to the classic option. A new cannonball type has entered the fray too. The aptly named Scattershot is a brand-new short range option that will cause multiple small holes in hulls of ships that are hit by it.

Moreover, Bone Caller is a new throwable that spawns a small skeleton force loyal to the throwing player, with them attacking anybody nearby the blast for a short period of time. These can also be fired from a canon to wreck havoc on enemy ships. Next, Horn of Fair Winds is a new treasure item that can blow wind into sails, blast players away, or even used to cushion falls. This is until their charge runs out that is.

Sea of Thieves Season 12

Lastly, but possibly the most exciting addition, ziplines have been added to Sea of Thieves. Found across many of the islands, they allow for speedy travel even while holding treasure. Wires fired by Harpoons on ships can also act in a sort of similar way now. But instead of holding with their hands, pirates must balance and tightrope walk across them to other ships, islands, or any place they are hooked onto.

Sea of Thieves Season 12 is now available across PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Cloud Play, Game Pass, and PlayStation 5. Check out the full changelog of the 3.0.0 update here.

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