Setback for SCO's Linux battle

On Wednesday SCO lost its lawsuit against DaimlerChrysler. SCO accused DiamlerChrysler of violating agreements to use the Unix OS, which SCO claims ownership of. The best part is the hearing only took twenty minutes for the Michigan judge to make his decision that DaimlerChrysler had complied with the license agreements.

A key legal case in the claim by US firm SCO to own key parts of Linux has been largely dismissed.

On Wednesday a Michigan county court judge threw out almost every claim SCO had made against car maker DaimlerChrysler. SCO launched the lawsuit alleging that DaimlerChrysler had violated agreements to use the Unix operating system over which the software firm claims ownership. But in a hearing that took barely 20 minutes, the judge said the only charge DaimlerChrysler had to prove was why it took them so long to tell SCO that they had complied with licence agreements.

Legal wrangling

SCO launched the legal case against DaimlerChrysler in March seeking damages for the licence violations. DaimlerChrysler replied in April, saying that it did not provide exhaustive information about its use of Unix as SCO had demanded because it had not used the software for years. Once it provided some of the information SCO required, DaimlerChrysler launched a legal bid to have the case dismissed.

News source: BBC News

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