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Sky asks customers to disable or uninstall software that's used for piracy

Last month, British ISPs began sounding out educational warnings to users whose internet connections were being used for piracy. We now know that as part of the ‘Get it Right’ campaign, Sky will be a bit more pro-active and try to get users to uninstall piracy-enabling software.

In an entry on its dedicated FAQs page, Sky writes:

Your broadband service won’t be affected as a result of receiving this email alert. However, if you continue to share content illegally using your broadband connection, Sky will request that you take immediate steps to remove or disable any file sharing software that is being used to share copyrighted content illegally.

The wording used in Sky’s statement is in line with the general approach of the ‘Get it Right’ campaign, in that it isn’t forcing users to remove the piracy-enabling software, but rather ‘requesting’ it. The campaign is tackling piracy from an educational point of view and hopes that most people had been pirating content unknowing of the fact that it’s illegal. The campaign wants to let these people know it’s illegal so that they might stop doing it.

The scheme, which falls under the Creative Content UK initiative, is supported by most of the major ISPs including BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and Sky Broadband, they’ve all started sending out educational alerts to users suspected of engaging in piracy.

Source: Torrent Freak | Image via The Next Women

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