Sky looks into 3D broadcasts

Sky television have started to look into the possibility of broadcasting programs in 3D, they have initially tested it delivering programs to users via the HD set top box. Sky demonstrated that they can make it a possibility at a presentation at their London headquarters when they showed various clips including scenes from a recent world title boxing fight and moments from television shows that they have already filmed using the 3D cameras. Gerry O'Sullivan confirmed that the demonstration was in fact that and not a product launch by saying "We have shown it is a technical reality".

The only problem at the moment is that the distribution of 3D sets are not available and you will need to wear 3D glasses to view the content, Sky's Director of Product Development announced that manufacturers are already looking into producing the sets and hope to display them at the Las Vegas Expo in January.

Hollywood are already using the 3D technology in their production for example Journey to the Center of the Earth was part 3D but in Japan some of the HD channels are broadcasting in 3D already. The demand maybe low at the moment but at one time HD was the same and now Sky Television have over 600,000 HD users.

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