Slow News Sunday: Watch an iPad 2 get dipped in lava

There are lots of different ways to destroy an iPad if one really wants to do it. The CEO of an iPad accessory company, ZooGue, decided to destroy an iPad in a rather unique, and expensive, way. The company's CEO Tim Angel flew to Hawaii and lowered an iPad 2 in a flow of lava at one of the state's active volcano.

As you can see CEO Tim Angel in the above YouTube video, Angel filmed the experience which involved him creating a metal bracket to attach the iPad 2 to two chains that are then attached to a pole. He then hiked up two hours to a lava flow and gently lowered the tablet into the moving liquid rock.

The result was what you might expect. After a few smaller attempts, Angel just decided to drop the iPad 2 into the lava flow where it quickly burns up. The rest of the video shows even more of Hawaii's constant volcanic activity. It's pretty, but there are no iPads in sight.

And the point of this video? Apparently it was simply to direct people to go to ZooGue's web site for some free iPhone cases and a free iPad stylus. Yes, it was a marketing campaign. Does it work? Maybe. At least we got to see some cool photography and an iPad 2 bite the dust. That has to be worth something.

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