StarCraft II home made arcade controller revealed

StarCraft II is a Windows and Mac game, so naturally the preferred method of playing the sci-fi RTS game from Blizzard is the classic keyboard/mouse combination. But what if there was a way to make a way to play the game like hardcore fighting game fans do, with a big arcade controller with lots of big buttons.

That's what the fighting game fan site Shoryuken asked its readers to do in a recent contest. This week, Shoryuken revealed the winning StarCraft II-based arcade controller, which was made by Mauricio Romano and has a whopping 26 buttons. The site states:

Instead of a keyboard, the stick uses a matrix of Sanwa buttons traditionally used in fighting game arcade sticks. The larger buttons on the bottom left and right of the button array are for the CTRL, SHIFT, and Space keys. When plugged in via USB, the stick is recognized as a normal keyboard.  No button mapping required.

The ball you see in the image above works as a two button mouse. Even Shoryuken admits that this controller isn't as good for playing StarCraft II as a keyboard and mouse, but it is certainly a tremendous effort in the making of a fighting game-like RTS gamepad. You can see the controller in motion in the video below.

Source: Shoryuken | Image via Mauricio Romano

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