Stardock to release The Political Machine 2012 this summer

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It's time for another US presidential election year and as they have in two previous election years, Stardock is releasing a new version of its campaign and election simulator The Political Machine. This week, the company announced its plans to released the updated game, The Political Machine 2012, sometime this summer for the PC.

As with previous games in the series, this new version allows the player to either pick from a pre-created series of candidates such as Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, or Newt Gingrich. There's also the option for the player to make his or her own candidate from scratch.  The player can then campaign against either a human or AI candidate as they go on the election trail in the US.

The candidates must try to win the hearts and minds of the US population to their cause and raise money to fund advertisements; those ads will also help them swing voters to their side.

Stardock states that The Political Machine 2012 will get a number of user interface and graphical improvements compared to the two previous versions. It will also have new topics for the candidates to debate such as Afghanistan, the economy, Obamacare and many more.

The game will be released via a number of digital download game stores for $9.95. However, you can get the game for just $6.95, a 33 percent savings, by pre-ordering it from its official web site.

Images via Stardock

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