Swivl, the motion-tracking camera dock

How many times have you wanted to record a video, but didn't want to do it standing in the same place for the entire recording? The solution to this problem is Swivl, a camera dock that does as its name implies: it automatically pans and tilts to ensure that you're always in the center of the action.

The magic is in the simplicity of the device. Just place any small sized camera or smartphone (your dSLR is out of the question) in the mount, hold the small tracking device, and Swivl will constantly follow you. One example video they shared with us showed the tracking device on a dog's collar and Swivl followed the dog around the yard as it was playing with its toys. If you use an iPhone as the video camera, you get some extra functionality including the ability to start/stop the video, take a snapshot, and even use the remote as a wireless microphone. Although these features aren't available on Android phones at launch, we hope to see this support added in a future update.

Swivl retails for $159 and will be shipping in the near future. The device is currently one of the ten finalists in CES' annual "Last Gadget Standing" contest and we'll be watching to see how it does in the show.

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