T-Mobile to sell all 4G phones for free (sort of) on Feb. 11

T-Mobile's planned merger with AT&T is now no more, so the fourth largest US wireless carrier has to try to get people to try out its phones and services. Today, T-Mobile announced a big marketing effort centering on this Saturday, February 11. T-Mobile says it will sell all of its smartphones and devices that it has designated 4G for free for that day only.

If you are thinking there's a catch to this deal, you would be correct. You still have to put down some money on Saturday to actually get the 4G phones from T-Mobile, but the company will later send you back some money via a rebate card. It also depends on which wireless plan you pay for.

For example, say you want to get the recently released Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia 710. If you pick that smartphone and a two year Unlimited Value Plan plan from T-Mobile, you pay a down payment of $49.99 for the phone and then receive a $50 rebate card later. You then pay $15 a month for the device.

If you decide to get a Samsung Galaxy S II on Saturday from T-Mobile with a two year Classic Plan, you pay $249.99 up front and later get a $250 rebate card with no monthly payments after that.

As usual, people who decide to take T-Mobile up on this "free" phone offer should read the fine print before they charge into their local T-Mobile store.

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