T-Mobile's Uncarrier X offers double data and video streaming that doesn't hit your bucket

Over the past couple of years, T-Mobile has disrupted the mobile industry by announcing various "Uncarrier" movements. Today, with a focus on data, T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced "Binge On" and "Simple Choice Amped".

With data becoming a big part of how we enjoy our time on mobile, Legere announced that the company's existing and future Simple Choice plans would be "Amped", receiving double the amount of data. This means that customers will now get 2GB instead of 1GB, 6GB instead of 3GB and 10GB instead of 5GB, for the same price.

But, perhaps more exciting than doubling data was Legere's announcement of "Binge On". This service, which will be available starting next week, will allow existing and future customers to stream from Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, Sling and many more without the streaming data hitting the clients data bucket. The previously mentioned services are just part of the 24 different brands that will be offered, with more to come in the future.

The update for Simple Choice plans and Binge On will go into effect on November 15th for new customer and a week later for existing customers.

Source: T-Mobile | images via @askdes

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