The Different Services @ Neowin

Neowin has many different services that may not be immediately obvious to our visiting guests or members.

Neowin Live Messenger Alerts & Newsletter
Clicking here will subscribe you to Neowin Live Messenger Alerts, with this enabled you will be notified of new news stories that appear on the main site but it won't bug you when you are set on Live Messenger as "Busy". A very handy tool to be reminded of the latest goings on around the tech community. Additionally we also have a newsletter in conjunction with TechSpot that is delivered to your mail box weekly. Subscribe to our newsletter here.

Neowin Mobile
Neowin also has a mobile version of the main news, and we are currently working on a iPhone compatible version that renders not only on the iPhone but many more hand held devices. Neowin in its current form does not render at all on Smartphones, but we are working on an update that is more compatible or automatically goes to the mobile version of the site.

Registration @ Neowin
As a guest, Neowin offers no less than a full service with the exception of some off-topic forums which are hidden for guests and the ability to post comments or join in the discussions on our forum. Registering allows you to post and view the off-topic forums, it's free and takes only a few minutes to complete and verify your valid email. Convinced? Then register on Neowin here.

Neowin Subscription
Neowin also offers an enhanced service for just 10 Euros (or $13.50 USD per year) that allows registered members to Blog, avoid flood control on the forums, greater PM storage, greater attachment size uploads and subscription only forums for support and discussion. The Enhanced service also gives recognition with a badge and you are supporting the continuing existence of Neowin as a result! A Neowin subscription can be purchased here and there are many payment options available.

Neowin RSS feeds
Additionally you can also choose to have RSS feeds delivered straight to your RSS reader, we have multiple choice feeds that you can add.. This one displays All news from all categories, This displays just Main news, Gamers news, Software news, most Recent forum posts and last but not least Member contributed Back Page News feed

As usual I would like to extend my gratitude to our visiting guests and members for your continued support of Neowin. It's amazing to see members still posting and contributing when registered as far back as 2001, 2 and 3. It's not uncommon to see those join dates in forum topics and that speaks volumes about Neowin itself.


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