The Expert Guide To Windows 98 is now free

A big thanks go to WinOSCentral for this really neat story...

If you ever wanted a Windows Book for free, well here is your chance. Mark Minasi, best-selling author of such windows books as Mastering Windows NT Server, Mastering Windows 2000 Server and a regular columnist for Windows NT Magazine (now Windows and .NET Magazine) had decided, to give away, for free one of his books, Mark Minasi's Expert Guide To Windows 98 by Sybex.

As Mark says on his site...

    98's less relevant now and so the book sales have dwindled, so Sybex agreed to let me put the book on my site and give it away free. These are PDF versions of the original book.
Yea, I know it's only Windows 98, but hey it's free... You can download all 17 Chapters in PDF format, along with the Sample Code files, so it's a hefty download at just over 24mb for the whole kit and kaboodle!

He's looking for feedback as to this venture so if you have any comments, go to the link below and fill in the form. He would appreciate your thoughts...

    This is the first time we've taken an out-of-print book and put it up on the Web site. What did/do you think? Is this sort of thing worthwhile, or are out-of-print books just too, well, out-of date?
News source: Mark Minasi's Expert Guide To Windows 98 - Free PDF download

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