The Friday Apple rumor round-up

Today has been a pretty intense read in terms of Apple rumors, so we here at Neowin decided to pack them together into one nice, informative article, as opposed to spreading them out over the main page. We've got a bunch of things lined up for you, from background applications on iPhone 3.0 to a camera-wielding iPod nano. Let's get started.

iPhone OS 3.0 may allow limited third-party applications to run in the background:

This one comes from Silicon Alley Insider, who state that Apple may allow iPhone/iPod touch users to select a couple third-party applications to run in the background, providing they have been pre-approved. Silicon Alley Insider say that they have a couple sources who have informed them of this, and one source believes that there is evidence of background applications being present in the current iPhone SDK 3.0 beta. As for being pre-approved, applications would have to go through a screening process, and would be allowed based on the resources they require and how they affect overall stability of the operating system.

Apple has previously said that background applications would be a no-go, as it reduced battery life greatly, but this system makes sense. By only allowing a couple applications to run, the battery hit would be limited and customers would still (somewhat) get what they desired. iPhone competitors, from the likes of Palm, Google and RIM, already have this feature so it's only really a matter of time before Apple gives in. We'll have to wait until WWDC at the earliest to see how this unfolds, if at all.

Future iPod touch and iPod nano iterations to get built-in camera:

We're a bit skeptical on this one, but we'll throw it in here anyway. Hardmac has picked up information from a source that the next iPod touch and iPod nano will feature a camera built-in, much like the iPhone, when they are refreshed in September (supposedly). This, being a rumor, isn't confirmed and it seems a bit unbelievable, but only time will tell.

Best Buy inventory leaks show 3 potential new iPhone SKUs:

PhoneArena has been sent a tip that the Best Buy inventory data has been updated with three new items, all code-named 'Project Charlie'. All three of the new additions are being supplied by AT&T, which is leading many to believe that they're new editions of the iPhone.

That's about all for today, although there is one last thing. According again to HardMac believes that the new iPhone will have the exact same size and shape as the current iPhone 3G, despite the current rumors that are doing the rounds. Again, you'll have to wait and see on this one. Leave your thoughts below, Neowinians.

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