This generation's Paperboy arrives to consoles starting today

VideoKid by Pixel Trip Studios made its PC debut last year and it was only recently announced that it would be getting a console release. The game is now available on the Nintendo Switch and will be available on the Xbox One starting August 31.

If you grew up in the 1980s and had a love for videogames, you'll probably remember Paperboy. The game put players in the shoes of a kid who is tasked with delivering newspapers on his route. Of course, it wasn't as simple as just delivering them - you also had to avoid cars, dogs, obstacles, and more.

VideoKid plays in a similar fashion, as players take the role of a kid that looks quite familiar, tasked with delivering videos by mail. You will throw the videos and take aim at completing your delivery. There will be plenty of obstacles to avoid and while you're at it, you will run into plenty of nostalgic bits that are meant to tug at the heart strings. While the graphics look clean and simple, it'll be the chiptune soundtrack by Savant that will reel you in.

Source: Xbox

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