This is Big Data: We send over 200,000,000 emails a minute

We keep hearing how the amount of data everyone produces is skyrocketing and that these digital breadcrumbs can be used to track and predict our actions. There’s even the thought that this “Big Data” will create a Big Brother environment as portrayed in "1984." But how much data is civilization creating?

Domo, a business intelligence company, created an infographic to visually display this concept. While some numbers, like the fact that we’re adding 217 new mobile users a minute, seem to make sense, some numbers are staggering. One of those is the fact that 204,166,667 email messages are sent every minute and while we don’t know how many of those are from Nigerian kings, the number is still very impressive. Some other highlights are the fact that we spend $272,000 online every minute and that there are over 100,000 tweets each and every minute.

Source and Image: Domo

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