Tobii REX Windows 8 eye tracking add-on announced

At CES 2012, we got a hands-on demo of Gaze, a new technology effort from a company called Tobii. The hardware was designed to allow users to interact with a Windows 8 PC with just the movement of a user's eyes. Now Tobii has revealed it will begin selling a hardware add-on device later in 2013 that will enable this Gaze technology for use by any Windows 8 PC.

The product is called Tobii REX and, according to Mashable, will consist of a bar that's made to attach to the monitor of a Windows 8 desktop or the display of a laptop. The bar connects to the PC via a USB cable. Once it is installed, it will let users scroll through the Windows 8 Start screen or to even play casual games such as a version of Asteroids with just the movement of their eyes. The add-on is designed to supplement using a PC keyboard and mouse, but not to be a full replacement for such a set up.

Tobii REX will go on sale to the general public sometime later this fall but the company will only make about 5,000 units available to purchase for consumers. While Tobii has yet to reveal pricing for the consumer version, software developers can go ahead and purchase one right now for $995. Could this sort of technology be built into the upcoming "Kinect 2" that is rumored to be released with the new Xbox?

Source: Mashable | Image via Tobii

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