TurboTax readies to accept online tax returns.

In the US, it's that time of year, Tax Return season, and this year filing electronically is to be come a little bit easier with Intuit broadening it's tax preparation system to a new Premium 1040 service, which promises extra tools and helpful advice with all the new laws, to get the most from your tax return.

Last year, taxpayers prepared some 2.5 million returns via the online version of TurboTax; this year Intuit expects taxpayers to prepare about 3.5 million returns through its online software. With features like stop and start preperation from any web browser, and with direct deposit of your return, TurboTax really holds up to it's name, Turbo by name, Turbo by nature.

For those who have low income, Intuit/Quicken have the "Quicken Tax Freedom Project", for those who have an adjusted gross income of $25,000 or less. Last year over 1.5 million taxpayers filed their tax returns for FREE using the Quicken Tax Freedom Project. The Quicken Tax Freedom Project applies to both the preparation and filing of your federal and one state individual income tax return, including filing your return electronically. You must follow the Freedom link in order for Intuit to be able to determine if you are eligible, when you go to file your taxes.

News source: CNet News

Tax Preperation: Quicken TurboTax for the web - Prepare your taxes online

Tax Preperation: Quicken Tax Freedom Project - Prepare and File your taxes for FREE

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