Twitter might be looking to turn your fan tweets into ads, report says

Twitter is one of the many direct ways to contact companies about their products and services, and it can be easily said that there are many who tweet (or should we say tweetstorm) negatively, ranting about how poor a product is. While this is a normal thing to see every day on Twitter, there are also those who praise companies for their good work on their products. With this in consideration, Twitter is reportedly creating a marketing system that will utilize positive tweets towards businesses as part of an advertising campaign.

This new "content-rights management system" was revealed to advertisers during the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, according to a source.

The company will reputedly build a database of all positive tweets from regular Twitter users worldwide called "brand enthusiast gallery". After this has been made possible, companies will now be able to wade through all of the tweets by searching, and then pick which tweet they want to use for their ad.

While this will display public tweets from random people, companies will still be required to have the user's permission in order to use the tweet. Twitter will send the user a direct message, asking him/her if it would be okay for him/her to use the tweet as an advertisement for the company.

With this platform at hand, the big idea is that comments about products and services of companies will be more genuine, compared to tweets from celebrities, who are paid to write about certain products and services.

Twitter declined to comment on the rumor. It is not yet known if the idea will come into fruition anytime soon.

Source: Digiday | Image via Twitter

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