Twitter v. Elon Musk five-day trial to commence on October 17

Twitter v Elon Musk Trial

According to Bloomberg, a Delaware judge, Kathaleen McCornick, has confirmed that Twitter v. Elon Musk five-day trial will commence on October 17 until October 20. Musk tried to abandon the $44 billion deal to buy Twitter, and now Twitter wants him to follow through with his multi-billion-dollar buyout bid.

Initially, the Musk team wanted to take the trial to 2023 while Twitter wanted it to be in September. However, Twitter agreed to the October 17 start date proposed by Musk's lawyers given that the trial could be concluded within five days.

As Musk backed out on his decision concerned about Twitter bots, Twitter took the matter to court in an attempt to resolve the issue through legal action. Since then, we have witnessed a lot of action going on between the two sides, with social media users taking the opportunity to turn the meme game on, again.

Now, we have to wait and see which party will be declared the winner in the Delaware Court of Chancery this October once the five-day saga concludes.

Source: Bloomberg

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