UK News: AntiCap UK The Campaign for Unlimited Broadband

We are pleased to confirm the launch of AntiCap UK, the campaign for unlimited broadband services in the UK residential internet industry.

AntiCap UK is a not-for-profit pressure and lobby group seeking to promote best practice and the enabling of users to benefit from broadband's full potential. Most of our founders are consumers of ntl:home services, many being potentially affected by the recent capping of downloads. Other founders simply have an interest in the issue and seek to voice their concerns over the future of broadband services.

AntiCap UK grew out of the spontaneous protests of users and the campaign started through . Our primary focus is the ntl 1GB per day data download limit. AntiCap UK is also committed to obtaining best practice amongst all broadband providers. We will therefore oppose any Internet Service Provider (ISP) that attempts to unreasonably cap their residential customers.

News source: AntiCap UK

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