UK regulator warms to legalisation of FM transmitters

Ofcom - the UK's regulating body for the media and telecommunications - is holding a public consultation over the legalisation of FM transmitters designed for use with MP3 players.

Europe has strict guidelines over the use of low-power FM transmitters, due to their potential to interfere with legal radio stations. Devices like the iPod's iTrip are mostly used in cars, as an alternative way of delivering music to an in-built radio tuner.

Currently the devices do not adhere to the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949 which prohibits the use of radio transmitters without a permit. That is not to say everyone follows the rules, as many sellers on sites such as eBay provide the transmitters which are in hot demand due to their taboo status.

It is expected that the devices will be legalised by 2007.

View: Ofcom's Public Consultationn

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