UPDATE: AMD XP 3000+ Prototype (Faked)

Well after digging around a bit, it appears that this "Prototype" was indeed a fake (or most likely, the original poster has not owned up to it yet) The guys over at Deadbodies appear to of been able to prove by doing the math that the image is doctered. We at Neowin were reeled in, so we admit it, look at the post and have a laugh on us.

Thanks to AMDLojik and M3DZone for this news.

AMD, Inc. sent out the FIRST of its Palomino 3000+ Prototypes to various resellers across North America, recently, and being the tactful being I am, yours truly managed to take a peak (and scan the CPU at my workstation when no one was looking) at the new, excessively powerful chip that is every hardcore gamer's wildest dream, and from the looks of things, Intel's worst nightmare.

Intel thought pretty highly of itself when it released the Intel Pentium 4 2.2GHz recently, which beat the AMD Athlon XP 2000+ by a hairline margin in various benchmarks. Funny, considering the 2000+ only runs at a clock speed of 1.67GHz. Intel's a sneaky bunch, they are. Cheating customers out of performance by having a disgustingly low Operations per Cycle rate on the P4, yet boasting an incredible 2.2GHz.

Pics inside of this Prototype CPU

News source: M3DZone

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