Update: Half-Life 2 (not) delayed

Vivendi Universal says that Valve is now scheduled to complete the game in time for the holidays.

When Valve announced Half-Life 2 in early May, some were surprised by Valve's firm insistence that the game would be ready to ship on September 30. Today we received word from the game's publisher, Vivendi Universal, that Half-Life 2's release has been delayed until later this year. Without commenting on the delay, a Vivendi Universal representative reaffirmed that the game would ship this year, sometime during the holiday season.

News source: GameSpot

Update Thanks Solarix who tells us that Shacknews have dug deeper into the allegation that HL2 is delayed and have found it to be fake!

A number of gaming sites out there are carrying word of an alleged Half-Life 2 delay according to some folks at Vivendi Universal who are publishing the title retail for Valve Software. However word doesnt seem to have traveled down to Valve according to an email pulled from the Steam forums. (We havent been able to directly confirm or deny with anyone at Valve yet) who might know a thing or two about that. timm of Shacknews already pointed out this Gabe Newell response:

First time I've heard about this.
So there you have it.

News source: Half-Life 2 Not Delayed @ Shacknews

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