Users can now create their own watchlists using Google search

With everyone at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Google is doing its best to keep its users entertained during the quarantine. A new feature has been added called “Watchlist," for keeping track of movies or TV shows users watch to catch next while at home.

The "Watchlist" feature is part of Google's search page. This feature is available only on mobile by either searching “my watchlist” or accessing it through Collections on the Google app. To add movies or TV shows to their Watchlist, users can search for “what to watch” via the Google search bar, or for a specific form of media. Once up, users can log their providers through the “Providers” button with streaming services they subscribe to, such as Netflix or Hulu, among others. Afterwards, the user can track which movies or shows are available to them while searching for recommendations. A movie can be marked as either “watched” or be added to the Watchlist. Users can then access their Watchlist to track which movies are up next.

This is among many other updates Google has added to become more accessible to its users during the quarantine. On the Android TV home screen, three new rows have been added for COVID-19 news, videos for cooking or live music through Stay Home #WithMe, and free movies from YouTube. New collections of games have also been added to the Google Play store for playing with friends.

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