uTorrent for Mac Officially Released

uTorrent for Windows saw its first public release in September 2005, and soon became the most widely used BitTorrent application.

In 2006, uTorrent was acquired by BitTorrent Inc., who continued to develop the application, and promised a Mac version.

The uTorrent for Mac projects started roughly two years ago. Initially it was based on libtorrent, but last year the development team decided to make the client a port of its Windows counterpart. A few months ago, an early Alpha release of the Mac version had leaked to the public, the official release, however, has some significant improvements and is much more mature.

The Mac release only runs on Leopard/Intel Macs at the moment, and is still in Beta. Simon Morris, BitTorrent's VP of Product Management told TorrentFreak that they are working on getting the bugs in PowerPC fixed as well as back-porting to Tiger. "We're obviously really psyched that we finally got this beta out there. This is indeed a port of the Utorrent source on top of OSX," Simon said.

"On Windows, uTorrent is by far the best Bittorrent client out there on a power:performance basis. Following on from uTorrent's roots, we have continued to focus on only features that users really want, and we have avoided bloating up on lots of clutter. We're now looking forward to bringing that specialness to the world of Mac-lovers," Simon added.

uTorrent for Mac can be downloaded over here. Since it is still in Beta, the uTorrent team encourages early adopters to post bugs and annoyances in the uTorrent forums.

If you've been waiting patiently for the popular BitTorrent application, uTorrent, to find its way to your Mac, your wait is finally over: uTorrent for the Mac is officially available. We've been waiting for the Mac release for a while now, and leaks of the beta had already made their rounds on BitTorrent sites , but the official release (Intel Macs only at the moment) of the most popular BitTorrent client is finally here. The download is still in beta, and the developers acknowledge that it "may contain serious bugs," but it still looks and feels great.

I haven't had a chance to thoroughly test it yet, so if you give it a try, let's hear how you like it in the comments.

Link: Download Here
News source: Torrent Freak
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