Valve announces Dota 2 'The Dueling Fates' update, two new heroes incoming

Earlier this week, a brand new Valve game was unveiled at the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year, The International, but the company had another surprise in store for fans. At the end of the tournament's fifth day of play, Valve held a special announcement, revealing two brand new heroes that are arriving for the MOBA. The announcement video is seen above, giving us a peek at how they will appear in-game.

Although the names, abilities, or any other information regarding the heroes has not been revealed yet by Valve, according to some data-mined patch notes, the female fairy-like hero seen at the end of the video will supposedly be called 'Sylph'. Meanwhile, the male hero looks heavily inspired by Puss in Boots, but it appears to be a Pangolin, judging by its scales and the way it rolls up.

According to the announcement, the new heroes will arrive with an upcoming Dota 2 update named 'The Dueling Fates', but sadly, Valve conveniently left out a release date. This is similar to how the hero, Monkey King, was revealed at last year's International and subsequently released with 'The New Journey' update, months later.

Valve also implemented some new features to Dota 2 recently that should make the new player experience a much smoother one than before, giving an excellent opportunity for anyone to jump into the game and give it a shot.

Source: Dota 2 (YouTube)

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