Video: Bill Gates gives the commencement speech at Stanford

The speech starts at the 1hr 6min mark

When you are the richest person in the world, the former CEO of Microsoft and quite possibly one of the biggest philanthropists that the world has ever seen, you get invited to do a lot of things. One of those items is to give the commencement speech at college's around the world.

While we don't know exactly how many times Bill has been invited to give the commencement speech at different universities, he did accept one proposal and spoke at Stanford today. While the speech is not talking about the next big thing at Microsoft or how the Surface Pro 3 is the best tablet for getting work done, Bill and Melinda do talk about how computers have changed the world.

The couple also hits on their work in Africa and how it has changed their lives while they are working to improve the lives of others. This is the most profound part of the speech and tells the story of why both Bill and Melinda are dedicated to giving back to the world; specifically Africa.

The speech is roughly 25 minutes long and is worth a listen.

Source: YouTube

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