Vivaldi browser goes mobile with Android beta release

Vivaldi Technologies has announced that its web browser, Vivaldi, has arrived on Android. The new beta release is fully featured and includes end-to-end encrypted sync for your passwords, bookmarks, notes, open tabs, and more. As Vivaldi’s focus is on power users, the mobile browser also comes packed with more advanced features and this list will surely grow as the company comes up with more ideas.

Aside from sync, Vivaldi mobile users will benefit from features like screen capture which lets you capture the visible area or the whole page, Speed Dial, Notes with rich text support, private tabs, a bookmark manager, open recently closed tabs, Search Engine nicknames, Reader Mode, Clone tab, and a download manager. While most of these features are pretty typical, it’s nice to see them ready and present for the beta release.

Vivaldi’s lack of presence on the mobile front is one of the reasons why the browser has remained niche. Most people have kept to browsers like Chrome and Safari where things like password syncing are available between the desktop and mobile environments. Hopefully, for Vivaldi, the introduction of a mobile browser on Android will increase its user share to chip away and Google’s unipolarity in the browser space.

Vivaldi for Android will work on devices running Android 5.0 or higher. The Co-Founder and CEO of the firm, Jon von Tetzchner, said that a Tablet UI is in progress and more details on that front will be shared down the line.

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