Want to see how Facebook and Twitter look in Windows 95? You can with Hover

On Wednesday, Microsoft launched a new web browser version of Hover, the first person sci-fi action game that originally came with Windows 95. The new version has updated 3D graphics, support for multiplayer modes and, as it turns out, a very cool Easter Egg.

The secret is pretty simple;  just type in "bambi" on the Hover start screen and the game transforms into a simulation of the Windows 95 desktop, running the original version of Hover in a window.

That's not all. You might have noticed two desktop icons to the left; Yes, those are Twitter and Facebook logos. If you click on them, both bring up some good old fashioned Windows 95 menu screens that are meant to simulate how those two social networks might have worked back in 1995 in an alternate universe.

You can send real Twitter and Facebook messages from these "Windows 95" versions in the Hover browser game. We do have to wonder what life might have been like if these services had really existed 18 years ago. It boggles the mind.

By the way, there's also a Windows 95 disc drive icon in the Hover Easter Egg version labeled "FUNSTUFF". Clicking on it brings up a shared SkyDrive account with what appears to be some random images. Perhaps they are clues to help find some more Easter Egg secrets in the game.

Keep in mind that the original version of Hover for Windows 95, which lacks the Facebook and Twitter features, is still available for download from Microsoft's FTP server.

Thanks to Geekwire for the tip!

Images via Microsoft

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